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I work on different projects related to trauma, art, and  psychotherapy in Montreal and abroad


I completed my PhD in clinical psychology n Montreal, Canada. My research explores how expressive art therapies enhance resilience to war trauma and was conducted with Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

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I have been have practicing psychotherapy and providing parental coaching for years. I am licensed in Quebec, and own a clinic specialized in Intercultural Psychotherapy called Mindession.

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Corporate Consulting

With a background in Human Resources and experience in the humanitarian sector, I enjoy using my skills and knowledge to provide training and consulting to therapists, corporations, and non profits around the world.

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About Me

About Me

I am a licensed psychologist and director of Mindession Psychology Services Inc., a clinic based in Montreal, Canada specialized in intercultural psychotherapy and evaluation services . We seek to improve access to quality mental health services to people living in remote areas or people with limited mobility.

I value the uniquely rich experiences and knowledge I've gained from the different countries and settings I have worked at throughout my career. To put my knowledge to good use, I plan to establish Art4lives as a non-profit and consulting firm within the next year. Please get in touch if you want to stay in the loop or contribute to our cause.

— Lara Kalaf

Art4Lives is an initiative focused on providing art-based therapy to marginalized and/or refugee kids.

We seek to enhance their resilience and shield them from the effects of war and other types of trauma.

I started this initiative, while conducting my PhD, because I couldn't stand idly by knowing that innocent kids are losing their lives to war.

I'm always looking for volunteers or partners for this project, so please contact me if you'd like to help us tell their story.

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