With a background and masters degree in human resource management I learned how to create effective systems to increase efficiency, employee satisfaction, retention, and prevent burnout.

I also  enjoy working with non-profits and corporations to provide mental health training or mental health program evaluations and development.

My consulting comes in different shapes and sizes
  • Consulting call. I suggest setting up a meeting initially to discuss your concerns and goals for your organisation. We may decide that further assessment and evaluation is required to better assess the situation, after which a report is produced with recommendations based on the initial concern identified.
  • Trainings and Workshops. These can be set up for your employees or clients to improve peer support, work on team building, conflict resolution or effective communication, as well as to prevent burnout by providing a support system for your employees.
  • Program evaluation and development. that can improve on the services you are offering or create new programs to serve the needs of you target audience. I can use my expertise in evaluation, HR and psychology to determine the needs to clients and how to effectively treat them.

Need help?

Reach out to me directly or check out the Resources page.