About Me

About Me

I’ve always had a strong desire to find meaning in my work. This drew me to the humanitarian field and as I realized that I enjoyed working more closely with those in need of support, I eventually decided to carry out my doctorate degree to become a licensed psychologist. I am so glad I made that decision as I enjoy connecting with others in a truly natural and human way, which is essentially one of my main purposes as I engage in therapy with others. I feel like I gained uniquely rich experiences and knowledge from all the different settings I worked at around the world (Hospitals, Corporations, Non-profits, Universities, and International Humanitarian Organizations). More details on my LinkedIn profile. My personal life, I believe, has been filled with love, struggles, and adventure so far.

I began travelling to different places around the world at a young age and discovered radically different cultures and societies which made me fascinated with life and what it is really all about. This taught me to be flexible, love myself as well as others unconditionally, and have the courage to follow my instincts.

If you’d like to work with me or simply have a chat, please get in touch :)

— Lara Kalaf
Clinical Experience

Mindsession Psychology Inc. (Based in Montreal, Canada)
Director and Clinical Psychologist

Phillips Medstone Inc. (San Diego, CA)
Psychological Assistant in Private Practice

Shibley Psychology (San Diego, CA)
Psychological Assistant in Private Practice

Home Start Inc. (San Diego, CA)
Pre-doc Psychological Assistant

Alvarado Parkway Institute Psychiatric Hospital (San Diego, CA)
Pre-doc Psychological Assistant

Change Clinic (Montreal, QC)
Psychological Assistant in Private Practice

Psychology Center - UQAM (Montreal, QC)
Psychology Intern

Humanitarian Experience

Doctors without Borders (Barcelona, Spain)
Management Coordination Team of Congo

War Child Holland (Beirut, Lebanon)
Emergency Project Co-ordinator

The Montreal Sexual Assault Centre (Montreal, QC)
Helpline Counsellor

The Montreal General Hospital (Montreal, QC)
Patient Facilitator


I went to school for a very long time so I'm going to show it off here!


Ph.D Clinical Psychology
Montréal, Canada

M.A Human Resource Management 
Leeds University
Leeds, United Kingdom

B.A Psychology, Minor in Business
University of Montreal & Concordia University
Montréal, Canada


English (fluent)
French (fluent)
Arabic (fluent)
Spanish (conversational)

How I Got Here

Need help?

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