Ph.d in Clinical Psychology
M.A. in Human Ressource Management
B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Business Studies

Registered with the board of psychologists in Quebec.

I can provide therapy in English, French and Arabic and soon enough in Spanish too.

My approach
  • Individual and Group Psychotherapy
  • Humanistic existential client-centered therapy
  • Play and Art based Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT. In a more clinical setting I prepared safety plans with suicidal or homicidal patients, did crisis management, administered assessments, and prepared psychiatric assessment reports
  • Parental coaching thru a treatment called PCIT (Parent Child Interaction Therapy) for children with behavior problems (i.e. ADD/ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders)
How long have I been doing it?

I’ve been providing psychotherapy to adults, teens and children for years and before that I worked in a humanitarian setting for over three year with people from Africa and the middle east that have been victims of war trauma, poverty and assault. This was an incredible experience and taught me true compassion.

Who have I worked with?

I've worked with a diverse population which includes psychiatric population, refugees, children, and families on issues related to defiance, mood disorders, eating disorders and trauma/abuse.

I work mostly with adults suffering from eating disorders, trauma, mood disorders, chronic pain, and anxiety disorders. I provide parental coaching as well.

It’s important to mention that I am aware of the important role culture plays in our view of the world and for that reason I strive to practice in a culturally sensitive and competent way.

Need help?

Reach out to me directly or check out the Resources page.